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Need a mod menu that works for RDR2 Online? We got you covered. Paragon Trainer gives you a ton of cheats in RDR2, without the risk of getting banned.

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Paragon Cheats mod menu
RDR2 Online mod menu by Paragon Trainer
Red Dead Redemption 2 is another of Rockstar's best and most popular titles. The game's publishing in 2018 after many teases saw it become one of the best open-world games, winning it several awards. Although the game was available on Play Station and Xbox, it took some time to arrive for PC players, and when it did, its reception was great. The old school and cowboy game allow you to traverse a huge map on horseback, and its impressive graphics will impress any gamer. At Paragon Trainer, we have created one of the best supplements to an excellent RDR 2 gaming experience, a mod menu. Our mod menu can be used when playing online or offline, making it very diverse and enjoyable.

Trainer Features

We have created a masterpiece with our trainer. It incorporates all the features that add up to a great gaming experience. To comb through the many features of the trainer, we have introduced a first-of-its-kind mod manager. It will assist you in choosing your desired mode depending on the play experience you want to have. It also lets you toggle through the trainer settings easily and conveniently. Here are some of the features of our mod menu:

Model Swaps

RDR 2 is a huge open-world game, and it may take you many months to travel to all the corners of the map. This prevents you from exploring and limits your enjoyment of the game. We thus have one of the best features that are bound to transform your gaming experience. With this trainer feature, you don't have to spend your entire playtime as Arthur Morgan, the main character. It allows you to swap your body with that of other NPCs in the game. It doesn't stop there, as you can swap your body with virtually any living thing in the game. You can even swap with an eagle and take it to the skies. This allows you to have an in-depth gaming experience, and you can enjoy all the aspects of the game. It also creates a diverse play experience.

Unlimited Money

It is vital to have money in RDR 2, just like in any game. To gather these, you have to take missions and other side quests. With the help of our trainer, you don’t have to anymore. All you have to do is input the number of coins you want, and they will be generated automatically. You can now buy everything in the game essential for a good gaming experience. You can also upgrade your character without having to worry about running out of money.

Hot Air Balloons

Our mod menu offers one of the best and most relaxing modes of transport in the game, using air balloons. Red Dead Redemption 2 has one of the most serene game worlds, and getting a look at it all from the sky can be very relaxing. You can summon air balloons from anywhere on the map and travel to any destination. This is an efficient mode of transport and sure beats traveling on horseback. On an air balloon, you won't have to encounter bandits as you would on the road, and there are also no obstacles. It is faster and better. The air balloon is also very simple to control as we have refined its controls immensely.

Unlimited Ammo

Another great feature about our trainer is the infinite ammo option. It lets you fire your gun as much as you'd want without having to worry about your bullets running out. This mod menu feature is perfect when encountering enemies in your online battles. It will ensure you win your wars faster and with most of your HP level. This feature also ensures you don’t have to spend a lot of money getting more bullets from stores, and you can thus save that money for other more important activities. This feature also makes you faster during combat, as you won't have to reload while the rest of your enemies do. It is very reliable for a great gaming experience.

Face Changes

When playing the game, you have to spend many hours staring at the face of the game’s main character, Arthur Morgan. This can be quite annoying, especially since the game is long and you will spend many hours on it. Our trainer, however, provides you an even better alternative. We have face changes options on our trainer that allow you to change the main character's face to that of some of the most popular movie and video game characters. One of these is the Joker's face. You can also change it to that of Batman. All these aims to give you a new perspective on the game and help you enjoy it even more. The faces can be switched at any point in the game, and you can revert them to the original character. This allows you to play the game with more style while still maintaining its original feel.

Health and Stamina

When facing online challenges, your health is of utmost importance. Once it runs out, you are removed from the game and said to have lost. Preserving your life through the intense gameplay in RDR 2 can be quite difficult and almost impossible. With this feature on our trainer, you no longer have to worry about your character’s life running out. When this feature is activated, the life of your character will always be full, regardless of the number of times you are shot or when you fall off your horse. This is perfect for when you are facing numerous enemies in the game. Another important feature is stamina for your horse. After some time of continuous riding, your horse will get tired and need rest. It will slow down, and this might interfere with your gaming. With the help of our trainer, your horse gets an infinite amount of stamina. It will run continuously for many hours without slowing down or having to rest. This will be very beneficial when escaping from enemies or reaching far-off destinations.