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GTA 5 Online gameplay with Paragon trainer cheats
GTA 5 is one of the most famous games in the world. It was published by Rockstar Games years ago, and ever since, it has never lost its allure to gamers. It is probably the most successful title for the publisher as it has outlasted several PlayStation models without any word about another title to the series. GTA 5 is an open-world game that lets its players do virtually anything they like. Its vastness offers you different play styles to consider. One can choose to go through all the game missions and advance until you complete this massive game. There is also an option of handling the numerous side missions on the game before going into the mission. This will act as a form of “training” through the different features of the game and how to play it better. It will assist you in handling the main missions more effectively. Another way, probably the most common among many gamers, is wandering through the game and getting into mischief or stirring up some chaos.

Without going through the main or side missions, it can become difficult to enjoy the open world of the game and have a fun experience. It is from these missions that you get money to purchase cars, properties, and weapons. Paragon Trainer has, however, developed a way around this that will allow you to enjoy the gaming experience and give you all the resources you need. It is through our GTA 5 trainer. It has numerous impressive game features that are sure to give you a good gaming experience.

Trainer Features

Our trainer lets you do many things in the game, some of which were not added by the publisher. You thus get to have a new and different gaming experience with the same characters, maintaining the authenticity of the whole experience.

Weather Control

The weather in GTA 5 is unpredictable. Since an algorithm controls it, you never know what to expect. It can get sunny, and within a short time, it is raining heavily. Some gamers prefer a more consistent weather pattern and one that will not interfere with their gaming experience. Our trainer allows you to change the weather at any time to your preferred mode. Since driving in the rain can be difficult, you can choose to always have sunny days in Los Santos. This feature lets you navigate better and thus complete your missions faster and more efficiently.

Vehicles Options

One of the best and most convenient ways to move around in GTA 5 online is by driving. The game is packed with a range of vehicle types, ranging from sports cars to utility vehicles. As a gamer, you want as much diversity and options as you can get, and with our trainer, you get that. It lets you customize your cars as much as you want. You can add more car models that were not previously in the game if they are faster or just for an aesthetically pleasing game. This feature also includes a vehicle spawner option. Here, your car cannot get damaged even when you crash against obstacles or other cars. It is very convenient when trying to escape from police pursuits.

Money Drops

In GTA 5 online, money is one of the best resources you can have. With a lot of money, you can smooth your gameplay by acquiring items that will help you advance your gameplay better. These include properties in the game, weapons, armor, vehicles, and even water vessels. Getting the money can, however, be quite difficult as you have to beat the missions in the game. Even when you do, you only get a limited amount of money that will not accommodate your extravagant spending. With our trainer, your money problems are over. It generates an infinite amount of money continuously, amounts that you cannot deplete no matter how much you spend. This allows you to buy everything you need in the game any time you need it. You will no longer have to steal cars from the streets of Los Santos.


It is vital to have weapons when playing GTA 5 Online. You will be expected to team up with other players and go for missions that will most likely involve you defending yourself from criminals or trying to escape from the police. With the right weapons, you can complete missions more effectively and faster. Our trainer gives you all the weapons you need for a smooth gaming experience. You will have access to the entire artillery that the game has to offer, and you thus won't have to spend money upgrading or getting new guns. It will make you more efficient and reduce your chances of dying in the middle of missions.

God Mode

One of the best modes to play GTA 5 Online in is the God mode. This is a new and unique feature our bot offers gamers. In this mode, you are practically invincible. You can withstand bullets from the police or enemies without your HP level reducing. You can also teleport from one location on the map to another instantaneously, giving you the best and most effective way to move. In God mode, you can jump higher than buildings and remain airborne for as long as you like. It is further compounded by the ability to fly, something a normal GTA 5 character cannot do. While playing in God mode, you can also ward off attacks by performing super punches that will send enemies and their vehicles to oblivion.

Additional Information

Our trainer has the best to offer for any GTA 5 Online player. These features will make your playing experience very entertaining and will give you access to some of the features that are not enabled by the publisher. Our trainer is also very reliable and will run comfortably on your device.