Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Will a trainer improve my gaming skills?
Most gamers, especially those playing these two popular titles, dread going online for fear of meeting more experienced and better gamers than themselves. These are gamers who have already mastered all the game skills, and for a beginner, facing these people is difficult. They are bound to beat you in a really short time, and it will make your gaming experience bad. With the help of our trainer, you can improve your skills faster than most gamers. Some of its features, such as infinite health and ammo, allow you to learn to evade enemies and improve your aim. It will thus improve your gaming skills immensely.

#2. Is it safe to use this trainer online?
Getting banned is one of the major concerns of any gamer. Some publishers will allow you to use mod menus offline but restrict online use. Playing online is a vital part of gaming, and many players worry that using the trainer will get them banned. This is not the case. Our trainer puts safety among its biggest priorities. We ensure the trainer can easily evade the keen anti-cheat software from publishers and give you a continuously great gaming experience.

#3. How often do you release updates?
Our team is always working on updates for our trainers. Since we specialize in mod menus for some of the most popular titles, we strive to ensure our gamers have new experiences and additional features as often as we can. We also release updates as soon as there are new game patches from the publisher. You thus always have a working mod menu for your gaming time. We are very consistent and reliable.

#4. How do I download the trainer?
We have the trainer up on our website, Paragon Trainer. This is usually the latest version, so you don’t have to look for a new update once you download it. We have included a tutorial that will guide you through the installation process and help you figure out what each mod feature is about.