About Us

Paragon Trainer is an established trainer provider for some of the best and most popular open-world games in the market. Some of the titles we pride ourselves in modding include Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) and Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). Over the years, we have given gamers a source of additional enjoyment when playing these titles by allowing them to make some of the best and most interesting modifications to the game. Ever since we came into the trainer market, gamers have trusted us with delivering an interesting yet authentic gaming experience, a task we have accomplished impressively. We update our trainer regularly to include more gaming features that will add to a gamer's experience. Since the titles we handle are very popular, their publisher is always releasing additional update patches, and with these, our team, too, ensures you have an updated and well-running trainer every time.
Our trainer has a massive collection of features, some of which are unique to us.

One of these unique features is the mod management feature that lets you easily manage and shift between different mod menu features easily. We also include infinite health, money, and even a God mode onto the features that give you control over all the aspects of the game and adds extraordinary powers to your character. All these features aim to better your gaming experience as you traverse the vast maps of these open-world games.

Our main purpose is to give gamers the most reliable trainers that will assist them in advancing through the game faster and more conveniently. We strive to ensure you complete these massive games without having to spend nearly as many hours as other gamers normally would. We try to save your time and allow you to do other important matters while still getting the full experience of these games. Unlike other trainers that are only limited to offline plays, we have designed our mod menu to work as great as it does in offline play when you switch to online gaming. It works well, all while remaining invisible to the anti-cheat software deployed by these publishers.

We also aim to provide as user-friendly mod menus as possible. We have simplified everything, right from the installation process to choosing between the mod features. The GUI is simple, and all the features are well indicated. You thus never have to worry about getting lost in the settings or making the wrong selections. Our inbuilt tutorials will also come to the rescue if you encounter any challenges while using our trainer. We pride ourselves in continuously delivering reliable and consistently great performance for our gamers, one that has had them rely on us for a long time and recommend our services to other gamers.